Cricket Tournament Among Relacom, ZTE & Telenor

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Relacom Pakistan played a cricket match with ZTE & Telenor reflects the spirit of healthy competition & creating strong relationship with customers by recreational activities. Our daily work is a great strain on our energies. We get tired and bored and exhausted by the day's drudgery. A game or a series of exercises in the gymnasium banishes all fatigue, restores our lost energy and afford us relaxation. Relacom care for their employee's health therefore arrange such athletic activities for all employees.

Relacom won the cricket tournament, which proved that employees of Relacom Pakistan also possess athletic competencies. These games require the use of vari-ous human faculties i.e. physical strength and stamina, mental skill and swiftness. As a winner we prove the virtue of the old proverb "Health is wealth" and "A sound mind in a sound body".